Dear fellow citizens!

We would like to share our ideas and discuss with dear parents and applicants. It’s clear that every parent wishes her or his child to become a worthy person for the society, people and state, and they do their best in this way. That’s why they apply not only the universities in Azerbaijan but also the universities abroad and try to find better solutions. Regarding this, we would like to help you to make right decisions.

First of all we would like to prove why we prioritize the universities in Ukraine. As we know Ukraine joined the Bologna Process in 2005. That’s why the certificates of degree obtained at the universities in Ukraine meet the international standards and are recognized by most countries of the world. During the USSR period Kiev-the capital of Ukraine, former capital Kharkov, Odessa and other cities differed from other republics’ cities by its higher amount of universities. It’s not accidental that Kharkov was given the name of “City of students”. Study fees and living expenses in Ukraine is pretty lower than the European and Middle East countries. People living in Ukraine feel us great sympathy. In most big cities of Ukraine there are our Diasporas operating. Today around 4000 people from our country study in Ukraine and this number is increasing year by year.

It’s important to mention about recognition and nostrification of certificates of degree while talking about study in Ukraine. As it’s said in the statement of the appropriate governmental organization some days ago “If the applicant were admitted to the university within the law of the country he/she studies in and if the university is recognized by this country then the applicant’s documents about study will be recognized in this country after passing the nostrification procedure”. Generally it does not matter which university and in which country the applicant has graduated. It does not matter if it’s Oxford University or Kiev State University-the graduates from both universities apply for nostrification in the same way. In addition there is an agreement from July 18, 2000, number 919-IQ between Azerbaijan Republic and Council of Ministers in Ukraine that according to this agreement the certificates of degree which were certified by relevant accreditation will be recognized mutually.

Now we would like to prove why you should go to Ukraine by “SOFI GROUP “… First of all we will mention that we are a professional, motivated and a friendly team and here we approach the “Studying abroad” as a service for people, a chance for our children to get higher education.

All the universities we cooperate and introduce you are state universities and our company has signed an agreement with each of them. In every city where our students live we have got representatives who deal with the problems that our fellow citizens face during the study period. We register 15 kinds of services officially with the other side by offering parents different service packages. It means that we sign an agreement with each parent officially and in this agreement there are obligations of the company and parent mentioned clearly. In general, we would like to mention that it will be easier for You with “SOFI-GROUP”. It means that your child’s future is guaranteed. Trust us!