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We are glad to welcome you at Sofi-Group’s webpage!

It’s sure that this information will first of all concern our former graduates, applicants and their parents. However today it’s important for them which profession they prioritize and where they can get better education.

“Studying abroad”- is an area for us where we can give better directions. Today studying at very popular universities of The West and East is a dream for not only some favorites. It’s enough to make the first step by decision and Sofi-Group is able to realize your dreams.

Activities and goals 

Studying abroad-is the right invest for your successful future. Studying abroad- is the beginning of your future career, job opportunities in various countries, or to get your favorite job in your home country as an expert.

Friends, you have made a right choice by choosing the right place for your study as a result of “SOFI-GROUP”s professional and individual approach to the situation! Be sure that you will get any support in this direction!

Today it’s not enough just to like any profession or wish to get any job… it means that you should give attention to which occupation is more required in the local job market. Regarding this “SOFI-GROUP” introduce you the list of the more actual occupations and offer You some services. We are always with you to help to make right choices by prioritizing your interests!

Our goal – is to help our fellow citizens to study at popular universities and colleges of the world and to learn foreign languages!

What else does your appeal to “SOFI-GROUP” promise?  

In addition to the right choices you will escape some bureaucratic problems like: incorrectly completed forms, lack of resources, delays in visa issues etc.

By choosing “SOFI-GROUP” you will drop all the undesirable coincidences and your way to your dreams is guaranteed!!!